At Yeovil Woodworking we are able to provide you with a professional service catering for all your woodworking and joinery needs

We offer an expert approach to joinery and woodworking across the South West.

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Bespoke Wooden Windows Made to Measure Joinery Joiners & Carpenters Somerset UK

A Wide Range of Bespoke Windows

Yeovil Woodworking provides a wide range of bespoke wooden windows. We manufacture windows such as single glazed, double glazed, casement, traditional box sash, modern box sash, French and storm proof.

Our team of skilled joiners are able to manufacture windows of all types and sizes, ranging from direct glazed, single openers, fire escape, complex ovals and circles. We often replace windows for listed properties and can reproduce exact replicas to satisfy planning requirements.

We manufacture traditional box sash windows that use cords and weights but also manufacture box sash windows with spiral balances. Our windows can be constructed form softwood or hardwood and can offer a range of handles and locks.

Modern timber windows we produce can perform as well as any other form of window in terms of insulation, draught proofing and security and can also have the lifespan of a plastic window.

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